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We provide free interactive training programs that help young people create, execute, and scale impactful social projects, globally.

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Good Human Series


This program is a series of interactive offline workshops aimed to equip young people with the tools and skillset necessary to start or scale social impact projects. Currently available only in Sri Lanka, the program partners with local organizations and experts to create and deliver impactful training sessions. 

Hand Up Program

Holding Hands

This tailored peer-peer mentorship program sources mentors from a range of highly prestigious leadership networks (e.g., One Young World, Queen's Young Leaders, Commonwealth) from across the world to provide problem specific virtual mentorship to our mentees.

Applications open for 2023!


Laptop Work

This online program collaborates with industry professionals, academics, and practitioners to create and deliver interactive learning modules around the topics of building an online presence, communications, and public relations in the context of launching a social start up.




“After The Better Tomorrow Movement session on mental health awareness,  I started looking at ways in which I can contribute to help. It was only a matter of time when I co-founded Project Bloom where we visit the adolescent unit of the National Institute of Mental Health weekly to conduct sessions on healthy cognitive growth. Your inspiration played a big role in us getting this far, we plan to keep growing so that we can make an even greater change! I'm truly grateful to you.”

- Good Human Series Attendee, Lahiruni Poddalgoda, Sri Lanka

“As a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, I dedicate my work to helping fellow refugees in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement. Experiencing the moral and practical hardships of the refugee camps on a daily basis, I desired to improve our conditions on a social and educational basis. Along with my mentor at TBTM, we  educate refugees in the art of visual storytelling and film-making, aiming to give them a concrete skill which they can creatively develop throughout their journey. With international filmmakers selectively passing on knowledge to the refugees in Uganda, both the youth and the aged have found good reason to fight for their future and to believe in it.”

- Hand Up Program Mentee, Cedrick  Zelotte, Refugee/ DRC

I gained a lot from it and I still consult the materials before taking any online campaign. The personal branding and elevator pitch module was also very useful to me. I love the feedback I get from tutors after completing each assignments.  It is a great program and lessons learnt will be useful in your day to day activities therefore, I recommend it for anyone.

- Comms4Change Trainee, Ayodeji Awe, Nigeria/UK  

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