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This program collaborates with industry experts, academics, and practitioners to create and deliver an online interactive learning program around the topics of branding and communications for social impact projects in the digital age.

6 MONTHS    •       3 MODULES        •     1 FINAL ASSIGNMENT

Created in collaboration with experts and researchers from Accenture, University of Oxford, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Brooks Social Media, OxiWear and more!

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Oluwaseun Dosunmu, Comms4Change Pilot Program Trainee. 


“The program was challenging but rewarding. I have learnt a lot from the modules. The themes are well selected to suit the needs of changemakers. Effective communication is a great way to sell our ideas, businesses or community projects to our target audiences. I recommend the course 100%.”

- Joel Odota, Uganda/China

"The viewership of my personal blog ( grew to over 100,000 following the applications of some of the lessons learnt here. You should give this a shot if you really want to make the world a better place." 

- Ikechukwu Nigel Ogbuchi, Nigeria

“This program serves as a stepping stone into acquiring social media advocacy skills. But the most awesome part of this program is the diversity of people involved, people from different backgrounds all over the world coming together to achieve a goal and share ideas on ways to improve communities.”

- Ahmed Salau, Nigeria

My understanding of how to use social media to create significant change both in business and for advocacy was limited before joining this program. I gained a lot from it and I still consult the materials before taking any online campaign. The personal branding and elevator pitch module was also very useful to me. I love the feedback I get from tutors after completing each assignments.  It is a great program and lessons learnt will be useful in your day to day activities therefore, I recommend it for anyone. - Ayodeji Awe, Nigeria/UK  

"It was really an eye opening program. I learned and joined a community of changemakers. The highlight for me was Robert Brooks class. He taught us the secrets of using social media to build our brands with a zero budget. Ever since, I have enjoyed using the skills and knowledge acquired expressively. I will recommend anyone interested for the program as it is indeed worthwhile."

- Oluwaseun Dosunmu, Nigeria

“It was an excellent opportunity which exposed me to a wide range of ways of effectively presenting ideas on social media. Above all I learnt how to remain genuine in my creativity.”

- Onigbo Sandra, Nigeria

“I learned many things in this program, starting from how to introduce any social projects that I did, up to how can I expand the influence I have by doing these projects to inspire every people that I can reach, whether be it directly in the field here in Indonesia and also on online platforms for anyone abroad. 

- Fauzan Cakra Dermawan, Indonesia


“The best part of my participation upon this program is that I left with vastly more than what I expected as the results.”

- Joel Odota, Uganda/China 


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