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This tailored peer-peer mentorship program sources mentors from a range of highly prestigious leadership networks (e.g., One Young World, Queen's Young Leaders, Global Changemakers) from across the world to provide problem specific mentorship to our mentees.

Applications now open for 2023!


“As a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, I dedicate my work to helping fellow refugees in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement. Experiencing the moral and practical hardships of the refugee camps on a daily basis, I desired to improve our conditions on a social and educational basis. Along with my mentor at TBTM, we educate refugees in the art of visual storytelling and film-making, aiming to give them a concrete skill which they can creatively develop throughout their journey. With international filmmakers selectively passing on knowledge to the refugees in Uganda, both the youth and the aged have found good reason to fight for their future and to believe in it.”

- Cedrick  Zelotte, Refugee/ DRC

“I hope that more people will apply for The Hand-Up Programme (HUP) because HUP really is a great avenue to have a mentor that will talk to you and advise you. My mentor, Siya, is very professional, and she has been through similar challenges in terms of creating a foundation, so it’s really great that I have a guide and a fellow changemaker whose role is to listen and guide me on the right track. I am extremely grateful to TBTM for creating the this Program.”

- Colleen Caryl Leslie Torres, Philippines  

“I am thankful for the fact that my mentor and I are a perfect match. Through weekly discussions with my mentor, we have found ways improve my current projects. It is wonderful to be able to connect and communicate with someone in a different part of the world with different background, environment, and system of doing things. Aside from being a mentorship program, it is also a cultural exchange!”

- Ndulamo Kuli, Botswana

“I requested mentorship to improve the impact of my project, Emuseum Tours which is a mobile application that aims to boost the number of visitors to museums in France and improve cultural awareness. The Hand Up Program was really an excellent opportunity which helped me to develop my project thanks to the advice and the guidance of my amazing mentor. I would recommend it to everyone ”

- Chaymae Ez Zriouli, Morocco/France



Before we can match you with your peer mentor, we need to know who you are, what project you hope to work on, the challenges you face, and any specific areas you need help from your mentor.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below before submitting your application. 

Applications now open for 2023!

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We carefully choose our mentors from selected global programs like Global Shapers, Queen's Young Leaders Network, The Global Changemakers Network and One Young World Network. Additionally, we also source mentors who have successfully scaled social impact projects around the world.

If you have a specific expertise or have successfully scaled social impact projects, apply through the link below. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below before submitting your application.




How exactly does the Hand Up Program work?


This program is designed to help young social entrepreneurs, community activists, or any highly motivated individual. These individuals can use the program to start or troubleshoot a project aimed at improving our communities and environment. To find out how, please read "BECOME A MENTEE.". Our team then sources mentors from a range of highly prestigious youth leadership networks such as the Global Shapers, Queen's Young Leaders Network, The Global Changemakers Network, and the One Young World Network. We then connect you with our hand picked mentors and facilitate a minimum of 6 online one on one sessions that are targeted towards helping you in the areas you have requested mentorship. 

What criteria do you use to match your mentors and mentees? 

We make this selection based on the following criteria:


1. They have an extensive and proven track record of insight and knowledge about your areas of concern.  

2. They live or work in the same country or subregion and therefore can understand the context of problems or challenges experienced

3. Or, the mentor has specific skills that can help mentees overcome specific challenges that they have outlined.


How much does it cost to participate in the HUP?


Participation in the HUP as a mentee is absolutely free as mentors offer their services voluntarily.


Who can participate in the HUP?


Anyone under the age of 29 can apply to receive mentorship. However, the selection of mentors happens through a rigorous screening process. 

How many mentees do you enroll at a time? 

As we are a very small team, we only work with 5-10 pairs at a time. However, this works on a rolling basis, depending on the length of the project they are working on. On average, mentors sign up for a minimum of 6 one on one sessions with the mentees. 


How can I become a mentor in the HUP?


The mentors for this program are carefully handpicked from across a range of prestigious networks to ensure high level of insight, experience or knowledge in to the areas of concern raised by our mentees. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please reach out to us.


How long is a relationship between a mentor and mentee?


The length of the mentorship program is 3 months. However, the relationship is purely determined by the mentor and the mentee. While we provide structure to the program and offer our support throughout the program, it is up to the mentor/mentee pair to ensure they make full use of the sessions. Our hope is that you build a lasting relationship that goes beyond the program.

Do you have a question that is not answered here? Email us at

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