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World Pulse --Impacts from Women For Women.

by Sambridhi Pandey

If you are wondering what World Pulse is, it is an award-winning social network of women across the world supporting and lifting each other up. This social network was first started by Jensine Larsen who was motivated to help women tell their stories after her visit to the Amazon forest at the age of 19 as part of her journalism studies. Pleas from women across borders in need of help but no access to the outside world led her to initiate World Pulse, which first started out as a print magazine but later evolved into this digital platform bringing thousands of women aboard.

A screenshot from their website

How does it work?

The online community is growing with women from all the regions in the world. These women join the network, share their stories, voice their ideas, their struggles and have visions to makes their lives better. They inspire one another to fight for their rights and the life they want.

The process to be a part of this new age social movement is extremely simple with no hassle at all! All it requires is for you to have a phone, internet access and a voice! That’s it, that’s all it takes to join the community of ‘global sisterhood’ and start making impacts by sharing personal stories of courage, motivational words to inspire and more. Once you’re a part of the community you are able to participate and engage in the community which includes reading posts from other users and sending support through comments and direct messages to remind them of their courage. It is all about good vibes and building a powerful connection online. Definitely, a good use of the internet!

Though World Pulse has thrived in recent years gaining more media exposure and awareness coming from bigger sources resulting in higher reaching impacts, it still needs to keep up with several shortcomings on the way.

One of the biggest challenges for World Pulse at the moment is keeping up with the consistency in its users to create a continuing impact. A lot of its users (mostly new users) share their story once or twice but then fail to continue. The lack of motivation in continuity is hard to pin down and therefore, this results in lost users which can later become a hurdle in WP’s long-term growth as a social network.

I reached out to some of the women in World Pulse to see how World Pulse impacted their life. Sister Zeph, an eminent World Pulse member, changemaker, was glad to share her story.

I have been working in rural Pakistan for 22 years now but I was an unknown change maker for the World and I had no support for my cause to educate and empower women instead I would do a full time job to support my cause for years but then I joined world Pulse. I was heard and my story was shared on global level.I was given support and my impact reached to 20 villages from one.World Pulse is like oxygen for the women who are dying to have their say and for their fundamental rights.” She adds, “World Pulse has given a life to me and to thousands of women who I am helping in Pakistan.

Another member of World Pulse, Jill Langhus Griffin, writes about her experiences as an "encourager" on the platform. In her words, she explains the impact, ”I’ve heard so many people thanking me for taking the time to respond and that it encouraged them to move forward with whatever their project, initiative or mission is. You can to. Be the reason. Be the change.”

World Pulse thrives to increase the involvement of women beyond borders to see more action and solutions directed towards one common goal–solving global issues. Currently, there are around 64K network members in the internet community from about 190 countries. The number of engagement is good but there’s always room for improvement which could possibly open doors to new realities. For World Pulse; that is one of the major goals to look forward to as a part of their future.

Despite everything, this social network strongly re-defines women empowerment. It is definitely a new denotation of Women’s March where women speak for themselves, find solidarity and make necessary connections to get into action! It is a whole new digital revolution of women. This social network has helped thousands of women beyond borders to not only give each other moral support they need but also to make real-life impacts from raising awareness in communities to raising donations to build communities. They have made an impact over a population of 7.6M worldwide! The success stories, the impacts created and more examples can be found online through the profiles of women as such featured on their website.

In conclusion, World Pulse, truly is a representation by women for women!


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