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Meet Ngosong Clement Nkengbeza: An insider into one of Cameroon’s finest

A blog by Mafany Tande Myles Bilong.

In Cameroon, one of the main factors that lead to unemployment or inefficiency in the workplace is due to lack of orientation; and Clement was intent on addressing this issue. Clement carried out his orientations and talks to students in his hometown of Muyuka, and in the nation’s capital, Yaoundé; having fully relocated there due to the ‘Anglophone crisis’.

Being judged by his physical appearance, it wasn’t always easy for Clement to get into schools to carry out his work. He was deemed inexperienced and too young to talk to students about anything; and when people asked about his age, mixed feelings of awe and disdain engulfed those who questioned him.

Mindful of the fact that gaining education was a challenge - and is remains a challenge - in most parts of English Cameroon, Clement along with some colleagues successfully mobilised a team of educators made up of high school graduates and university freshmen to deliver lessons at no cost to the students of some schools in the North West Region of Cameroon. For the most part of 2018, these young people had been delivering lessons to help students who were out of school, mainly due to the insecurities present in the region at the time. The main hindrance to this initiative was the venues for the classes. No individual continually meted out his space to accommodate so many young people at one time as the fear of being a target of the pro-independence fighters gripped them. Huge gatherings - especially that composed of young people; were targets for violent attacks. The security threats that surged as the heat of the crisis intensified, caused this initiative to end abruptly.

Having a passion for science and technology education, Clement volunteered with the NexGen Technology Center to deliver programming lessons, specifically on artificial intelligence and machine learning. He was so enthusiastic to the extent that he volunteered his personal computer to facilitate lessons for the learners. Throughout 2018, he devoted his time to training young minds in the computing field and was diligent in his work. An aspiring computer/electronics engineer, Clement is committed to training the next generation of engineers like himself.

Ngosong’s crown achievement was a major educational conference he organised which held in late July 2019, dubbed EYECI-con. This conference brought together several stakeholders under one canopy to address and discuss issues faced by youths in the educational milieu. This conference saw a massive turnout of students across the nation. A high achieving student, Clement has been awarded numerous scholarships. He was once an OpenDreams scholar for his excellent performance in the pre-university examinations, after which he has closely worked with the awarding body to help locate and aid deserving students.

Furthermore, after having successfully gotten entry into the competitive Electronics Engineering pro gram of the University of Buea, Clement chose to study the same program in the Gulf Field Institute in Limbe, Cameroon as he was awarded yet again another scholarship. After the ‘Anglophone crisis’ intensified, he moved to study Civil Engineering in Yaoundé. The following year, he received an unconditional offer to study at Ghana’s Ashesi University under the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Scheme.

He believes that if anyone puts his mind to something and believes, then he can achieve! This is what he firmly believes in and goes a long way to motivate others who are doubtful of themselves to push further. Clement is currently a freshman at Ashesi with a goal to take his country to the next step through technology combined with effective leadership. A selfless young man, with a foresight and a dream to change the narrative of his country and the world at large, Clement is just beginning to disrupt the status quo, ascending gradually to his maximum potential.


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