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Living up to your Potential: SWAG-PD

Ayah 'TIL' Abine is a native of the Southwest Region of Cameroon. He was born in the region's capital and was educated there, up until he bagged a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Buea.

Ayah Abine

Ayah has a clear distinction between his work and his job. According to Ayah, his work has no retirement age, no vacations and no one to fire him; this is what he believes he was born for, and this is the role he has to play in the lives of other people. His job, however, does have a retirement age, some vacations and someone available to fire him; this is his career.

There is a need to understand what entrepreneurship is: many in Cameroon think of entrepreneurship as a business scheme, with the sole purpose of maximizing profits, regardless of the effects to others. Ayah believes entrepreneurship should have as the main purpose in finding solutions to problems, taking into account every possible effect this solution will have on others.

Abine was born to move Cameroon and Africa from out of the current state they are in. In order to do this, there is a need to mold a new breed of young African leaders who recognise their potential, value and above all their purpose to move their people from mediocrity towards excellence. This passion drove Abine to create SWAG-PD (Strategic Windjammer Advancement Gale for Personal Development) in 2017.

Some SWAG-PD trainees

Leadership in Cameroon and in most of Africa is void of leaders with purpose. Through SWAG-PD, Ayah is on a mission to address this issue by building leaders who are inside their purpose. He believes this purpose is an expression of one's gift, talent, potential and seed. He brings on board influential leadership which he believes is the highest level of leadership. These are the types of leaders we lack in Cameroon and in most of Africa. Influential leadership is based on spirituality: not related to religion, belief, denomination; but going above the flesh, beyond personal desires so as to put oneself at the end of the line and others ahead.

Ayah in action

Purposeful leaders are the only solution in Cameroon. The deciding difference is the motive, many are ambitious but not purposeful. The motive of our leaders ought to be the people they serve. It is not enough to be a "good person," one needs to have the stamina, being able to withstand tribulations.

Ayah Abine is a motivational speaker, author and life coach. He authored the book titled "A journey to your Full Potential." He is involved with personal development, entrepreneurship, capacity building and leadership, which collectively labels him as 'The Influential Leader' thus his nickname TIL.

A Journey to your Full Potential

If leaders go back, search and find their gift to help their people, then all the ills we have now just might cease to exist. These are some of the teachings he does in SWAG-PD. Regardless of the innovations, technological advancements or the success of the economy of a nation, unless that nation has leaders from the top-level who understand the meaning of purpose, there is no chance for that nation.

His greatest challenge has been the people who have ridiculed and criticised him for the person he has become. He was rejected. He grew to learn that such people do not understand him and he learnt to live with the ridicule and criticism.

He focused on his purpose which enabled him to exhibit discipline. This was how he was able to overcome all challenges. He also had a few people who supported him all the way. Patience, potential, purpose, passion, posterity, planning and positivity are some of the values, principles and qualities he trains others on as well as uphold.

His greatest achievement are the people whose lives he has been able to make purposeful by helping them find their gifts. Ayah considers 'A Journey to your Full Potential" as his Master's degree due to the many lives it has changed positively.

In order to contribute towards achieving our common goals, Abine urges his trainees and everyone to go out and love, not acting on emotions.


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