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How To Change Lives By Giving Out A Book

By Kehinde Temitope Odutayo


Books are the best. They take you to faraway places, and make you feel more at home in the world. They introduce you to new things, and deepen connections with the things you love.

"Give Back With T'Odunola" is a Non-Profitable and Non-Governmental initiative founded by Abayomi Odunola. It is aimed at bridging the gap between rural settlements & urban settlements. The vision is to ensure that residents in rural areas have access to books, clothings, gadgets and necessary items that are pre-owned and not in use by the rural residents. However, new items are also donated.

In 2018, they donated over 1000 used books and new books with stationery to primary and secondary schools in Oyo State, Nigeria.

Give Back With T'Odunola is open to donations from individuals, organisations, government and other NGOs. They help to convey items from individuals who love charity but have no means of sending them out. They operate from their office in Lekki, Lagos; they have volunteers in over 15 states at the moment who can help pick up or receive items for donations.

Watch the video to find out more!

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