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How is Kemi Remi-Dairo Hearing Foundation Changing the Narrative in Nigeria?

By kehinde Temitope Odutayo

Kemi Remi-Dairo hearing foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Lagos, Nigeria, with the major aim of providing possible medical treatment platforms, access to financial/technical support and education to the public on the gift of hearing and speech to people with hearing loss in Africa particularly in Nigeria.

The team leader of the foundation, Kemi Remi-Dairo speaks about the impact the foundation has made so far in the fight against noise pollution, which is the cause of a sporadic increase in hearing loss among Africans. Through her leadership, the Foundation has educated thousands of people through advocacy, support to pupils in schools, medical outreach, and donation of hearing aids to put a stop to noise pollution in Nigeria.

The foundation faces some challenges, such as getting people to adhere to noise control and limits, and fundraising. They work in partnership with Lagos state government and other agencies to make sure noise pollution is reduced to the minimum thereby saving the future of young people.

I choose to tell the story of Kemi Remi-Dairo foundation out of hundreds of changemakers, because of the passion and purpose-driven attribute of the founder. The impact of their projects is laudable and encouraging.

Watch the video to see how the foundation is changing the narrative.


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