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Changing the World One Story At A Time - Carol Marufu (Visual Sensation)

By Amanda Mimie Tayte-Tait

Carol Marufu has worked for two production houses in Zimbabwe as well as freelance work collaboration with other media and film personals. Her experience in this industry is 7 years to date. Through her vision is to keep pushing the limits and growing and believing in God she founded Visual Sensation to help break the cycle of silence and shame that has plagued us as a society and a people for generations.  She is a 31-year-old self-motivated lady with a Diploma in Film and Television and a degree in Communication Science. Everyone has a story to tell, their struggles, their journey and the path that lead them to be where they are now and through these stories she aims to change perspectives.

It’s no secret that teens and young adults everywhere turn to magazines, the internet and TV when they need guidance and support in their everyday life and as Zimbabwean it is hard to find advice tailor-made for us and this a platform to steer the conversation and talk about the issues that truly affect us.' being a part of the media industry I understand the importance of sharing stories and representing different perspectives and spreading positive messages through the media and I believe this is something extremely important for the world today.


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