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Addressing Youth Unemployment in Uganda

By Bonsuk Recheal

Talent Youth Crowds Initiative is addressing unemployment that is affecting Uganda by introducing young people to activities like music, dance, drama and sports. These activities are key factors in boosting self-esteem, confidence, analytical and decision-making skills that are highly required in job markets.

Despite the government’s effort to solve the problem of unemployment by introducing vocational skills training in state-aided schools, Uganda is among the countries that are still affected by a disconnect between the educational curriculum and the job market. As a result, many graduates are unable to land their dream jobs. The reason for this as noticed by employers is that job-market entrants and fresh graduates lack hands-on experience to take up positions in their organizations.

Talent Youth Crowds started as a platform that further develops young talents to aid personal and economic development. The initiative continues to aim for unity among young people to build strong relationships required in fostering sustainable collaboration and partnerships to close the unemployment gap in the country.

The platform is working towards becoming a youth centre that provides inclusive, innovative and sustainable programs that train to improve the physical, mental and economic wellbeing of young people through their talents. The promise in this is that more job seekers will be transformed into job creators.

The growth of Talent Youth Crowds is hampered by inadequate access to quality training facilities and equipment. Accessibility to these facilities would create a positive environment that will attracts more young people. To solve this problem, Talent Youth Crowds collaborates with schools that have standard facilities that favor and create a conducive space for talent development.

Accessing and engaging youths in distant schools and communities is very challenging. However, members of Talent Youth Crowds contribute money towards getting transportation to reach such schools and communities. The team usually get official invitations from other youth leaders who have noticed or taken interest in the work of the initiative. Talent Youth Crowds frequently visit different communities to lead trainings and offer recommendations during talent exercises.

In his remarks, Ntabaazi Stephen; the founder of Talent Youth Crowds emphasised that the challenge around solving youth unemployment in the country, is not just creating more jobs. It’s also about matching young people’s skills to jobs and once in jobs enabling them to thrive in the workplace.


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