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Advocating for equal spaces and opportunities for young women

Amina Yahaya is a youth advocate who is interested in governance, development and democracy. She advocates for equal spaces and opportunities for young women to reach their full potentials socially, politically and economically. She is an amazing young leader who is regularly regarded as ‘A girl who wants to conquer the world’.

Surmounting her challenging circumstance of being a women, from the Northern part of Nigeria, she became the first female Student Union Government (SUG) President of her higher institution; Unman Danfodio University, Sokoto. She now plays advisory roles for the National Female Student Association of Nigeria.

As a ‘dream chaser’ she is now using her experiences, platforms and voice to encourage and equip female youths to take up leadership positions and actively participate in democracy and good governance by creating a leadership and mentorship program and connecting them with relevant training's, organisations and mentors. This offers these females the opportunity to learn and develop key leadership qualities.

Her story is particularly interesting because she represents young girls around the world who maybe come from marginalised communities or face all forms of gender bias but are now voicing out and taking up leadership positions.

In her video interview, she highlights a few things to do if inspired by or if inspired to empower and support female participation in governance and democracy and thereby make the world a better place for everyone.

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