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Civic tech startup supporting people with disabilities in Tunisia

Maroua Nouira from Tunisia was a Global Ambassador in the 2018 spring cohort. She recently emailed us about her experience as a GA, and that she still continues to be inspired to create more videos and wanted to share the story of Azzen Abidi;

"I have always considered the Global Ambassador Program as one of the most enjoyable and extraordinary experiences I have had. The skills and knowledge that I acquired during the 4-month cohort expanded my horizons and allowed me to explore new opportunities.

This video is a story about an inspiring young man; Azzen Abidi. He is the founder of “hopeR” a civic tech startup built to support people with disabilities, a public speaker, blogger and mentor.

The story is about his interesting journey of how he was able to overcome his challenges from an early age. He now uses his story to motivate and inspire other people to unlock their full potential and chase their dreams."

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