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Empowering women through technology in Nigeria

Chioma Agwuegbo is a communications strategist who is passionate about empowering women through technology.

Chioma is the founder of TechHer, a community centred on learning, collaboration and support for women to improve their skills and form networks and coalitions that will influence development. They use digital media and technology as a tool for advocacy campaigns and support for women causes. They provide a platform for technology knowledge exchange amongst women through capacity building and trainings for women especially young girls. The trainings range from coding, web development, digital marketing, cyber safety and cybersecurity.

One of its key program is the monthly networking event for women called ‘TechHer Meets’. There is a misconception in Nigeria that technology is majorly for the male gender. TechHer is an initiative that demystifies the gender gap that exists with the understanding and use of technology.

Ovinuchi Ejiohuo, our Global Ambassador from Nigeria, told us that by sharing this story he hopes to showcase how women are becoming experts in the use of technology and how technology is helping them create better and stronger businesses, participate in politics and generally contribute to the economic and social development of their communities.

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