Caring for mental health in Moldova

Have you ever thought that there may be people that can't live happily with themselves? That they might not be happy without understanding why? Well, we, YOU - Moldova group decided that it's time for a change. Even tho we might be just a small part, it was our time to do it. YOU - Moldova is a group of people that got to see the light through the project Wave Week Moldova in summer 2017. The main idea for YOU - Moldova was to show people that mental health is as important as the physical one, that depressions, anxiety, and eating disorders exist in our society, even tho it's common for people to avoid them as talking subjects. And that you don't need to be afraid to accept and to go to the doctor. We chose this subject because each one of the team members got to deal with at least one these subjects and had to idea where to go and ask for help without being judged.

YOU - Moldova was a success from our point of view, we had 5 training sessions, 4 of them open for everyone and for the 5th we went to a special center for disabled people. To be sincere at the 5th session we decided to listen to what they have to say more than what we could tell, and I could say that it was the most productive day from all 5.

I want to mention that all our projects were supported by the MENSANA center in our community and in all our sessions there was a professional that assisted us and guided us, and at the end of the project each participant could go to the psychologist, doctor or the nutritionist that was there (depending on the session) and just ask.

For more personal reasons YOU - Moldova had to put a pause on its work for a period of time, but we promise that we'll be back, with more informational sessions, training sessions or just meetings with psychologists and professionals that could help someone that doesn't feel ready to go and seek for help somewhere else.

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