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Human Library

Last summer, our Global Ambassador from Bulgaria, Zhuliyan Zhekov, participated in a project called "Human Library. He shared with us his experience there and the lessons he learned from participating;

"Human library is an open space event where people with different experiences share their stories to the auditory- "the readers". The idea of this project is everyone to put himself/herself in the shoes of the storyteller - the "book", and to learn more about this person. I had the opportunity to take a part in a Human Library event as a "book" and as a "reader". It was a great experience to share my own story and to get inspired by everyone's else experiences. It was a special moment full of emotions and people listening with empathy, eager to "read the next page" of the life of the person. I highly recommend to all of you to take a part in such an event because you can't feel that emotion until you experience it! In this video I share with you more about the event which took a part in Sardinia, Italy in July this summer!"

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