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Julián Suraci, a story of personal triumph

To me, Julián Suraci gives strength and inspiration a new meaning, and I am proud and humble today to introduce you to this young man from the city of San Juan in Argentina. A true example of personal triumph. In January 31st 2008 Julián was in a car accident. The vehicle he was in fell into a ditch. He was coming back from vacation, happy and unaware that this incident was about to change his life forever. As a result, Julian suffered a complete injury to the fifth and sixth cervical section of his spine, leaving him a quadriplegic unable to regain feeling in his limbs. He says his quadriplegia stole his body but gave him something in return. It provided him with a simple yet powerful gift in the form of those details we always take for granted. It helped him appreciate the value of one's body, of the air we breathe, of family, friends and of every little thing in life.

His journey was hard and arduous, but his passion and his love for life were always intact. He is happy today to have the opportunity to share his story with us. So let’s hear it from him:

"There have been different chapters in my life that made me redefine my mission. I had to understand that in this life we all have a role to play. And so it happened that I started telling others about my life experience. That same experience that one day marked my life forever. The one that inspires me every day and allows me to share with others this will to live, to find meaning and to love. Because it is true, we are the directors and solely responsible of making our life a life worth living. Maybe what you are about to read will shock you, but I truly believe my accident was the best thing that could have happened to me. Yes, I know this may sound odd but It was thanks largely to the accident that I am now living a life I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be living. I am learning new things that were not in my plans, I am meeting wonderfully inspirational people and I am getting in touch with my inner self.

Wanna know what is the most important lesson I have learned? That to walk is not something you can only do with your feet, it is something you do best with your soul. Today, even though I am a Certified Public Accountant graduate, my real job is to talk to people. I merely share with them extracts of my life in the form of a motivational speech where I offer a different approach regarding everyone´s colours as I try to adapt my experiences to inspire and empower others staging a scene full of symbolical value. In my capacity as a speaker I am convinced that by sharing my life with others and by telling them how I reacted to this challenging situation, what I did, who I leaned on and what I learned throughout these years, I can provide an invaluable service and very useful tools for their everyday life. I want to show people that it is never too late to make that click in your head and turn your life around because we are all open to making changes in our lives that have the power to make us happier and more successful”

To this day Julián Suraci has shared his life with thousands of people. He offers his talks at schools, universities, churches, clubs, prisons, NGO’s, enterprises as well as talks open to the general public. He is very proud of being part of the Click talks initiative, which you can check out here.

Julián wants to share his goals in this life with The Better Tomorrow Movement and they are:

  • 💪To inculcate the importance of loving your family and friends. They are always there for you to lean on them and get you through the most difficult times.

  • 💪To teach people to appreciate the small things in life.

  • 💪To show another perspective of life.

  • 💪To make a positive impact on the greatest number of young people possible.

  • 💪To help bring the best of people in extreme situations.

  • 💪To encourage everyone to chase their dreams and to work hard to get there.

  • 💪To raise awareness about the danger of traffic accidents.

I’d like to thank Julián Suraci from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing lesson on strength and inspiration. It was my pleasure to share this story with you and please don’t ever forget to always live life to the fullest and to make your contribution. That is what I’ve learned from Julián’s story and what I hope will be my small gift to everyone out there in need of some motivation.

Love, Maria Agostina ❤️

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