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Barbara Gonzalez: Promoting the artistic expression of deaf people.

For Maria Villela's second assignment as a Global Ambassador, She shares the story of Barbara Gonzalez, the Founder of Señarte, a social movement that promotes the artistic expression of deaf people.

We hope that this story inspires you and shows you that it is possible to create simple yet impactful solutions to the problems you see in your community.

Maria had the following to say about her experience creating this video and sharing Barbara's inspirational project: "She helps people connect with others through empathy. Overall, I have felt very inspired by Barbara since we started working together in different projects. She is not afraid of taking on new, ambitious projects. That courage and drive is what many of us need to move from having great ideas to taking action. I am very happy to have met her and I know she will continue to inspire many people through her projects."

Connect with Barbara via FB:

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