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Abdelrahman: Overcoming his disability to help young people in the start up sector

Today we present to you Emma Deweirdt's first video! She just moved to Alexandria, Egypt where she will be interviewing some of the people she meets there.

She has a message for us with her video: "I had the opportunity to meet Abdelrahman, a young man with disability who participated in an international project about social entrepreneurship using the methods of non-formal education and to get general knowledge about social entrepreneurship on the local, national and international level. In the video, he explains to us the project and what skills he gained. I am really happy to share today the story of Abdelrahman, a young motivated man. I would like to highlight two points; one concerning the great benefits of social projects using tools and methods of non-formal education. This kind of experience brings huge positive impact on people. Then, I am convinced that everybody can create something on their own, no matter your gender, your age or even your situation.

I invite all of you to support him and follow his work here

Special thank you to MIHI organization"

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