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Bridging the Tech Divide & Changing Lives

Rafsan Sabab Khan is a 21 year old Bangladeshi and Founder of a tech startup, Charkridata, winner of the Telenor Youth Forum for Peace and a fellow at Global Changemakers. He is a passionate advocate for youth driven change and the concept of “Sharity" which teaches us to share and to care about each other.

Rafsan’s reason for doing all that he does is closely associated with his ability to get a decent night's sleep. He believes that for this to be possible, he needs to have done something in the day that will contribute to a better future! A business major, Rafsan uses his knowledge and skills to support projects in his community.

Chakridata facilitates the employment of the working class of Bangladesh. It helps to establish an information bridge between the tech deprived workers and their potential employers. Rafsan’s organisation believes that once communities are employed in fruitful occupations, the quality of life of the community in concern will witness a significant improvement.

Chakridata is a fast growing organization. So far they have successfully managed to match 20 individuals to employers and therefore improved their standard of living. The Chakridata database has information of over 10,000 workers and expects rapid growth in membership numbers.

Rafsan also works for “10 Minute School” which is the biggest online education portal in Bangladesh. This initiative has helped cross various barriers towards a quality education such as access and sufficient resources. 10 Minute school now has over 160,000 subscribers across the country and a ever growing passionate staff of educators.

He believes that both organisations have immense growth potential and is strenuously working towards ensuring that the services reach all communities in Bangladesh. Rafsan is now working on crossing boarders with Chakridata through his recent partnership with TELENOR group. He plans on building a platform that can connect like minded people and build communities based on similar interests.

Rafsan advises all future changemakers to have a very clear passion and find away for it to connect to your mission. He encourages youth to work hard in silence and let your work speak for itself and for you.

Rafsan is one of the mentors in our Hand Up Programme. If you are inspired by his story and want to make your own difference, join the movement or sign up to our Hand Up Programme and stand a chance to get mentored by him.

Youtube & Instagram: Rafsan Sabab

* Images courtesy of Rafsan

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