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Generational cooperation for firefly protection in Japan

"This is the story of how the local people and the international students in the small town of Beppu, Japan came together to work for the preservation of the habitat of the fireflies. Kame Kame, a club led by the elderly in the town of Beppu, works with the international students from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University around the town to help clean the rivers and beach twice every month. Here we interview two volunteers Arif Naim and Veerasuda Sriratanasomboon who have experienced this unique activity. I hope this story shows you that regardless of age, all the members of a community can come together and work for a common goal," says Rasheeq Islam, our Global Ambassador from Bangladesh who is currently based in Japan. If you want to start your own initiative like this and bring together the people in your community, check our website to see the resources we have to help you make that happen!

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