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VÍNCULOS: Contributing to community development through the Junior Enterprise model.

TBTM Global Ambassador, Agostina Biritos Interviews the Vinculos team.

I am proud and humble to share the story of Vinculos, the first Junior Enterprise in Argentina, with The Better Tomorrow Movement. Conversing with these young men and women was incredibly enriching. I had the opportunity to learn about the amazing Junior Enterprise Movement that allows youth from all over the world to make their contribution to social entrepreneurship in their countries by creating their own businesses. Also, and most importantly, I can attest for the amazing work Vinculos is doing here in Argentina with their consulting business. Not only they offer a service for SMEs lead by young people just like them by helping with the crucial early stages of developing a business project but they also provide a significant aid to their own members and here is where the greatest social impact lays. Vinculos prepares young people to tackle the obstacles of entering the labor market, helping groom their professional and personal development, and creating a safe environment of constant learning and international cooperation.

Calling all young entrepreneurs out there! Are you inspired by Vinculos journey and by its members’ words? I urge all of you to follow their lead. You too can create or join a Junior Enterprise and start making your contribution to society. Be proactive, be fearless, be part of the Junior Enterprise movement. Find out more:

Written and created by Agostina Biritos, Global Ambassador spring 2018 cohort.

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